Short Stories

Gigino Aceto

For our second Short Stories, MR MARVIS travelled down south to the Amalfi Coast in Italy to meet the magnificent Gigino Aceto, a 5th generation lemon farmer and limoncello maker.

Founded in 1825, the Aceto lemon farm is rooted in family history, tradition and craftsmanship, harvesting the sweet aromas and bright colours of Gigino’s home country.

Gigino's wearing The Originals in soft yellow Limoncellos

At 88 years old, Gigino is ready to pass the baton to his son & grandson. They’ll keep the family business going just like their ancestors did, and with just as much passion.

“If you are looking for me,

you will always find me

under my lemon trees.”

under my lemon trees.”

But even though Gigino’s stepping down, that doesn’t mean he’s going anywhere. If anyone’s ever looking for him, you’ll still be able to find him underneath his lemon trees.

The Aceto family

Gigino Aceto

5th generation

Salvatore Aceto

6th generation

Gianmarco Aceto

7th generation


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